The eZLabeler are suitable for applications with high labelling rates or high accuracy requirements that can dispense labels at up to 375m/min (15,000″/min) and label placement accuracy of +/- 0.4mm (+/- 1/64″). The accuracy of the eZLabeler makes it ideal for the application of even very small labels where placement accuracy is often critical.
Easily handles the demands of 24/7 non-stop production, the eZLabeler is mechanically rugged and have virtually no wear parts while the compact, modular design allows integration into the tightest of production lines.
The eZLabeler is incredibly easy to use and comes equipped with a straight-forward, operator-friendly control interface. Label recognition and label-web positioning are accomplished with the press of a single button.
With simple installation and easy operation, the eZLabeler cuts down on installation and training costs, and with no need for a pressurized air-supply and virtually no wear parts the eZLabeler is economical to operate and maintain.
Can be added to existing systems or as a replacement for old labelers that are no longer available or supported.


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